Lots of Info - Long Letter!

March 6, 1993

Elder Woolf -

Hey buddy! I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're still alive. :)

Not too much is happening here. I'm excited cause it's getting warmer! :)


I'm excited! :)

Let's see... What's new in Minnesota...
I just got a job at Pizza Hut. That's great- because my funds were getting severely low.

Guess what?!!! For Spring Break I'm probably going to California!! I'm soooo excited !! :)
That's my really big news! :) I'm totally excited about that! I'd be there for a week and a half.
I'm going to see a good friend of mine that I met at EFY.

So what's been up with you?

O.K. you can now officially call me a slacker!! The date today is March 29, 1993. Cool, huh?
Trust me - I haven't forgotten about you. But you wouldn't believe how busy I've been!! I swear this has been the busiest month I've ever had. Let's see...

We went on a choir trip to Gustavus Adolphus (St. Peter, MN) That was totally fun!! :) We also had our solo/ensemble contest. That's where you prepare a piece and sing it in front of a judge. I sang a solo and in an ensemble. On my solo I got a 38 and the ensemble got 39. (These are both Superiors. The highest you could get is 40) So I was very pleased with that. :)

*Changed to purple marker*

Color change - I decided I'm in a very peschy purple mood. :) Mom is having a knee replacement surgery tomorrow. So she's very scared. I'm sure she'll be fine though. I leave Thursday (Apr. 1) for California. I'm tre excited!! :)

Check out this one. The other day I was at the gas station. I parked in front of the gas pump, filled my car, and went inside to pay for it. At this same time a firetruck was filling itself with gas also. Here - I'll illustrate... [insert scribbles of squares as cars, firetrucks, and gas pumps] get the picture?

Anyway as I was coming out of the place (after paying for my gas) the firetruck was backing up. As it backed up I watched it hit my car!!! Can you believe that?!!

I was hit by a FIRETRUCK!!!

*change to green marker*

(new color) Isn't that just the funniest thing you ever heard? Not too big of a deal. No major damage. They obviously, took full responsibility and are sending me a check. :) So - as you can probably tell I've had one heck of a month!! :)

I'm soo excited for California!! :) So how are things with you? I'm sorry I haven't sent you a picture of me yet. I will, I promise. I'm getting my choir trip pics back tomorrow, and I'm getting my senior pics taken April 17th.

I'm sorry it's taking soo long - but you'll get one.

By the way -


I realize that this is extremely late also. :)

I better cruiz - Please try to write back sooner than I did. :)

love always!


Smile N Be Happy!!

The pic enclosed reminded me of you so I decided to send it :) I like the saying at the bottom! :)


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