Happily Married

Is it fair to say that I hope that one day everyone will experience the blissful happiness that comes from doing the one thing that you know to be absolutely right - even if you don't have all of the other answers yet. I know that marrying Greg is the one true thing that I was meant to do in this life (heck, I knew that over 12 years ago). I have no idea when the boys and I will get to move to Arizona to be with him, but at least I am finally married to the man of my dreams. I love him with every ounce of my being and have for almost half of my life. Isn't it amazing when your life comes full circle!!!!


Greg Woolf said…
You make me so, very happy!!
Jennifer Woolf said…
Never as happy as you make me!!!
Anna Joy said…
GREAT SASSAFRASS! That is the neatest story I have heard. Seriously you two could win an award for such a beautiful and romantic story...but I suppose you feel that you've already won your own reward...each other. Love you both!

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