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I thought I would post a note and give you the history of Greg and I from my perspective. He will probably do the same from his point of view. I am sure that much of it will overlap, but this will give you a good idea of who we are and why we are finally together…..

December 11, 1992, Greg decided to send a letter to a stranger. You see, he was the mission companion (for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) of my friend, Joe Croft. I used to write to Joe often and it became a joke to see how many letters I would have to write him before he would write me back. Suddenly one day, I received a letter from his companion, Greg Woolf. Greg and I began writing letters diligently for the remainder of his mission. At the end of his mission, I received a letter with the sweetest, most endearing proposal of marriage. I, of course, said yes. I know the strange part was the fact that I felt truly connected and in love with a man I had never met. But I was. We met for the first time July 30, 1993, (the day after my 18th birthday). It was a very strange moment in my life. Here is this man that I know so very well, but yet with him standing in front of me I really didn’t seem to know him at all. It was very surreal. Well, he got on another plane and left me in Minnesota.

This is the point in our story that really doesn’t have much explanation or makes much sense. Although we are not exactly sure what happened or why, this is the point in our lives when we seemed to just drift apart. He was newly home from his mission, feeling like a fish out of water. And I had just graduated from high school with all of my newfound freedom. For some reason we stopped writing and communicating. This was easier because I was still in Minnesota and he was in Arizona.

Now I will fast forward to current day (or to April 2005), which speeds us each though marriage and divorce of other people and the birth of five children between the two of us. I had recently gone through a divorce, January of 2005, and had become a member of a Mormon singles website. In April 2005, I received a note from someone by the name of geowulf. Because I was not a paying member I could not read any of the emails that he sent me. I also did not respond to any of the other ones that he sent, and let me tell you he was very diligent about sending notes. Finally on July 14, 2005, I finally checked out his profile. I did not realize who he was until he indicated that one of his favorite things to do was to write his name backwards: yrogerg floow. I read this and knew instantly that it was “my missionary”. I jumped off of my chair and ran into my children’s room, which is where I have all of my storage boxes. I pulled out all of the old letters that Greg had written to me. I compared the pictures and realized that it was him. I paid to become a member of the website so that I could read all of his previous emails. In his emails he told me it was him and that he recognized me. I immediately send him an email in response and apologized for taking so long in responding. I gave him my phone number and held my breath until the next day when he called.

We spoke on the phone through the entire night catching up on the past. We spoke almost daily for the next couple of months. I was then taking a trip to California to visit a girl friend of mine. I decided to take a side trip to Arizona. I wanted to see if there was still any chemistry between Greg and I. I knew that my feelings for him had never really changed. You see Greg was always my “what if”. I often thought of him throughout the years and wondered where my life would be if I had married him. I knew that allowing him to drift out of my life was a mistake I would regret forever. Now, here he was back in my life and I needed to see if there was a chance for us.

I went to Arizona without any expectations. I really had no idea what to hope for or what to expect. But I knew the moment that I got in his car at the airport that my life would never be the same again. I really didn’t know what would be different, but I knew it would never be the same. My brief (2 day) visit to Arizona was fantastic, and I cried when I got on the airplane. It wasn’t until I left that I believe that Greg realized that he didn’t want me out of his life again. He proposed for the second time less than a week later. This time he did it over the phone. I told him that I would accept on one condition, that he actually ask me to marry him in person. He came to visit me in Minnesota two weeks later and proposed outside the Super America. It was VERY sweet and romantic.

There are some very fun facts about our reuniting that I have left out because they are more of a part of Greg’s story than mine. But I will tell you that I thank God everyday for bringing this wonderful man back into my life. Because we feel so very blessed we would like to share our story with all of you. So enjoy!


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