General conference - Priesthood Session

Elder Quentin L. Cook - Heed the words of the Prophets.

H. David Burton - Benefits of Helping hands and service efforts.

Dean R. Burgess - Do you know who you are? You are a priesthood holder and a son of God.

John M. Madsen - To the 12 year old deacons. We are rearing a royal generation. We must see our Sons as the divine and royal children of God.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf - He was quite surprized to be called as a counselor in the First Presidency.
He sustains and supports President Monsen with all he has. He told many stories of how major destruction can occur when we are off by a few degrees from our course. It only takes a little deviation to destroy a great many things. Do not delay corrective action or the consequences may be far too great.

Henry B. Eyring - Have the confidence to keep your priesthood covenants. God has chosen you to hold the priesthood and has confidence in you. Go forward in faith. Bear testimony to all.

President Thomas S. Monsen - Expressed his appreciation for our sustaining vote. We are the largest body of priesthood holders gathered together on earth this day. We are entitled to the Lord's help if we are worthy and on the Lord's errand. The greatest power in the world is the influence of God to change us into clean and worthy men. Be worthy. Be clean. Do not be tolerant to unrighteous behavior. Be an example.


Ryan & Andie said…
G-Thanks for the bootleg copy of the priesthood session before the Ensign comes out. I've never understood why it's not broadcast publicly when we all get to read it in a few weeks anyway. ;-) -A

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