Lifestyle Change

So I have decided to start writing down all the things I eat.
It really forces me to consider the junk I put into my body.
Hopefully I will lose weight, but I think I will need to increase my exercise.
I currently walk about 20mins a day during work (during lunch).
I eat about 350 - 400 cals in the morning and about the same at lunch.
Generally I eat around 1300 to 1800 calories a day. So I am on the right path.

Having just started however, I am always 'hungry'.. like I need to munch on something.

Sometimes my stomach growls, but I dont' really feel like EATING is the answer.. more like it's the HABIT.

It is really tough. :(


Ryan & Andie said…
Greg, I lost 75 lbs 6 years ago and have kept it off thru two additional pregnancies by doing exactly what you are doing....exercising and keeping a food log. The food log is HUGE for those of us who love to eat! :-) Just a thought...the 1300 calories may be a little low for you(especially if you are exercising) since you are so tall. Maybe 1700-2000 would give you the same or better results without the hunger. Good luck--we are rooting for you! Andie
Ryan & Andie said…
Good for you! I've been on a health kick myself this last month or so and have lost some weight. I'm no guru, but I can say these ideas have helped me:

* Load up on whole grains that keep you full to avoid feeling hungry. I have one cup (dry) of oatmeal most mornings for breakfast and chicken barley lentil soup for lunch.
* Don't go for more than 3 hours without eating
* Eat proper portion sizes
* Consistently eating healthy foods and the munchies go away. Now that I've avoided most junk for a while, I don't like how blah I feel when I eat it and I don't crave it.
* gotta do it and make it enjoyable for you. Try something new; I've gotten into rollerblading, something I've never done before.

GeoWulf said…
Hahaha.. someone recently posted this anonymous comment.

That's a ridiculously low amount of calories, especially if you're expecting. If you eat the right things and bump up the calories you'll not only boost your metabolism, but increase the amount of nutrients headed to the baby as well as enhance the function of your own body. At your current level, your body has to make hard choices between living, the baby, and maintaining/repairing your own tissues.

I laugh because they obviously don't understand who posts to this blog. Yes, my wife is currently pregnant with my child. I am not however pregnant. (it may look like it.) But, I am trying to watch my caloric intake. Don't worry, I am not 'starving' myself or the baby's mother. ;)


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