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OK - so I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER!! But I wanted to blog this to make sure that no one got caught as I almost did. So I was home today - Jilly was sleeping so it was nice and quiet at my house. I sat on the couch and was flipping through the channels. I watched a commercial for US Fidelis (one we have all seen many, many times). It is a company that claims they give you insurance coverage for your car so you never have to pay for any repairs again - even over 100,000 miles. With the fact that we have 2 vehicles that fall under that description I thought I would call and get a quote for coverage. So I call and talk to the guy. After a lengthy discussion, it sounded like a pretty good deal. I got Greg on the phone to discuss whether or not we should invest in this coverage. He was much more skeptical than I was. He asked a few questions and then my cell phone coverage disappeared (divine cell phone intervention????).

In the time it took for the guy at US Fidelis to call me back, I also managed to hop online and Google the company. The following are the top links:

Class Action Filed Against U.S. Fidelis Apr 10, 2009 ... A class action lawsuit has been filed against U.S. Fidelis in Missouri, adding to the woes of a company repeatedly accused of fraudulent and .....

Us Fidelis: Car Warranty Racket Exposed on Today Show Apr 30, 2009... US Fidelis exposed on NBC's Today show the Today Show recently aired a terrifically entertaining expose of US Fidelis, one of the biggest....

Rip Off Report: US Fidelis misleads the clients into believing... US Fidelis misleads clients into believing there getting a good warranty but there not!!! They scam us! Wentzville Missouri.

Is US Fidelis a Scam? "Is US Fidelis a scam?" A viable question right now after the Missouri-based extended warranty company took some recent heat in the media...

When the guy called me back, I said to him, "It looks like you have some serious issues with your credibility in the media. I Googled US Fidelis and you have some serious complaints against you." He said "What do you mean?" I said, "Well, Missouri just filed a class action lawsuit and The Today Show did an expose that your company is a scam." He proceeded to tell me that with as many policies as they hold that there are bound to be some complaints. I told him that I completely understood that but that this seemed a tad bit bigger than a few customer service issues. I said "With today's economy as it is, I am not comfortable giving my money to your company. Thank you so much for your time."

I wanted to post this because had I not taken the time to look online (which I almost didn't) we probably would have given them our money. They sounds like a great deal - Aflac for cars. The concept is a good one - but the company is not.


scrapmom4 said…
Whew! I'm glad you got good info before you committed. Good to see you in blogland. Share some more!

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