Let's try this...

I have decided that since I get the most sad when I want to talk to my mom and I can’t, that I would just do it here… because I know she can read it. ;-)

Oh what a day!! Both Jack and Hunter were up all night throwing up. By 10:00 am I was on my
third set of crib sheets. Hunter, of course stayed home from school. I had an oil change appointment at 11:00 so my plan was to put Jack down for a nap and take Jilly with me, that way Hunter didn’t have to do anything other than be here. I got a call from Danny’s school
nurse that his stomach was hurting. I picked him up and took him with me to the appointment. By the time my car was ready, Danny was jumping all over the chairs. I called the school nurse and brought him back to school. Besides, it was actually safer, and healthier, for him to be there than here at our house.

Jilly was so funny today!

Since we had Greg’s car for the oil change, she didn’t have a movie player in there and was talking away to herself. This was her conversation with herself:

I am not sick. I had an ear infection but God help me heal myself and now I don’t have an ear infection. (I’m thinking, ‘oh that is so sweet!’ until….) When the snake bit me, that’s how I got the ear infection but God knew I needed to be healed and he helped me heal myself. (Hmmmm…….)

I had a great derby practice tonight. I got new skates so I ended up taking some time to adjust them but once they got adjusted they skates well. I will try another couple of practices
before I know if I am going to keep them or not. I am so excited for Saturday – I am skating
in the Derby 101 at the bout. That is where everyone hears about the rules of derby and is given instruction on who is where and what they are doing, and why. Everything is exaggerated and in slow motion. I am excited. It should be a ton of fun!!

Try outs are on June 30th - that is only 100 days away!! I need to start doing some serious endurance training. Last try out (that almost killed me) was 2 1/2 hours. This one will be 4 HOURS!!! I am going to seriously die!! I guess it is time to REALLY buckle down if this is something I really want.

I am finding that I am not as motivated to get things done as I used to be. I am not sure why. I am finding it harder and harder to get my homework done. Everything else just
keeps getting in the way. I guess I just need to keep working on it.

I need to go to bed. I love you!!

Good night!


MomWoolf said…
Sorry you have been having a hard time and that your kids have been (and are) sick. I'm glad you have skating to get excited about. You sound a little better than yesterday's post.

I love you.

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