As hope dwindles....

I am home alone while Jen is in Minnesota...
It is not fun. I miss her tremendously. I miss the baby. It is almost surreal knowing that I am a new father and haven't even been around the baby that long.

I am sometimes motivated to do a lot of things while they are gone.... but that motivation dwindles throughout the day as I get anxious for her return. *sigh*

You'd think we were used to this by now, with all the 'apart from each other' nonsense we have experienced in the past.


Anonymous said…
I am sorry. I can imagine how much you miss her. I'm glad she will be home this weekend. I know you have a lot of tough things to deal with in your life and will continue to have them, but I am so glad you have Jen to share your life with. I believe she truly loves you. Besides all the other great things about her,I think I love that the most. I don't care that she is not perfect (She's not!?) as long as she loves you and you feel loved, that's always enough.

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