Jilly got her ears pierced

After asking opinions of everyone I know I finally decided to pierce Jilly's ears. I got very mixed opinions but the common one I received from everyone was if you are going to do it the younger the better. So I did. Actually I hadn't decided until we were walking through Walmart and there was a sign that said "Free ear piercing". We got her birthstone - alexandrite (or pearl). It is a light pink stone so it matches everything. She is soo cute!!!!! (I know that I am a bit biased)

She has a deformed ear. We call it her "plug ear" because it looks like an outlet. Apparently, this is an Evans trait (that is Greg's mom's family). I think it is very endearing. (again, I am biased)

She is sooo dang cute - I can't stand it!!!


scrapmom4 said…
Sofia and Jilly got their ears pierced the same month...sweet! :) She looks adorable.
scrapmom4 said…
PS. I like the new blog look.
She looks so cute! How fun.

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