Breat Cancer Awareness Month

My Friend Erica posted this:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I had my first mammogram when I was 25 - the doctors thought I was crazy until they heard my family history. Then on my 29th birthday I thought I found two lumps - I was terrified and I didn't tell my family (except of course my mom) - I had the LONGEST ultrasound and mammogram EVER, which scared me even more and then waited and waited and waited. Finally I was told to keep an eye on it but that it was "normal", actually I don't think those were the exact words they used - anyway - I had put off going back - then my mom got cancer - not breast cancer mind you - but cancer, and it was stage 3b. I won't be putting it off again. So it is my turn to get on my soap box and get all "preachy" - if you don't get checked on a regular need to! Make sure you get a yearly mammogram - I hate doing it as much as everyone else - no one wants to have their chi-chi's mashed as flat as possible in a machine - but it is important! 5 out of 7 women in my family have had cancer, several of them have had reoccurring cancer. It does not matter if you have a family history, if you are healthy, or how old you are - 1 out of every 7 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime - GET CHECKED I tell you this knowing how much I dread having to do it myself - but I have to, and I will - so I hope that all of you will too. You just never know.

With a history of cancer in my family (mom has had kidney, colon and breast and two great aunts with double mastectomies) I know that I have no right to my children and husband not to follow this advice. I yelled at a man while I was waiting in the ER waiting room yesterday for being selfish for not having the heart surgery his doctor wants to do. If I do not follow this advice than I am no better. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN the beginning of December and I will start the process of getting annual checks for everything that I need. I also know that I need to start eating healthier and exercising. I will have to work on those a bit harder. Thanks for the reminder for all of us Erica!!


Andie said…
Why were you in the ER AGAIN?

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