Behold the condescension!

So I have this co-worker that decided the other day, to condescend to his fellow co-workers about how immoral it is to do things. He then broke out into a boasting session about how he is so 'unique' because he doesn't steal music, go beyond the posted speed limit, or copy movies he rented from the video store. He would then proceed to ask the co-workers (who are obviously beneath him) to help him understand why we would choose to do such sinful acts!
One of my comrades was about to 'go off' on his insane expressions of superiority but decided that it would be stooping to his level to point out that his life is not as 'moral' as he claims. Admittedly I would have taken pleasure in seeing him ripped to shreds but alas, I had to agree that stooping to a level of inferiority would not be the 'better' thing to do.

This co-worker was the same individual that made the claim that he is a REAL Christian because he reads the BIBLE. He then went on to proclaim that if you haven't read the BIBLE you are just another hypocrite that calls themselves a Christian. I quizzed him on some of his Bible knowledge and he was more than stumped. Embarrassed, he made some claim that it was the 'spirit' of the message that was more important than knowing the 'details' of the gospel stories.

Oh, and once he claimed that underage girls that go out drinking deserved it when they get raped. That we shouldn't pander to them as a victim because they are basically breaking the law which was designed to protect them to begin with.

I am so glad I work next to the 'second coming of Christ' because, obviously when Christ died, he made my co-worker the next Savior of the world.

I think I will just calm myself down with a caffinated beverage manufactured by the whoremongers at PepsiCo


Ryan Anderson said…
I love irony: By him bragging about how Christ-like he is, he is buttressing the argument that he is less Christ-like. Why must I suffer you fools!

I thought you were talking about some LDS caffeine zealot at first, but its obvious from your description he isn't even LDS. You can at least be comforted with the knowledge that he believes everyone who believes in Christ (or him?) will go straight to heaven. Except for Mormons, who are all going straight to hell regardless.
GeoWulf said…
Yes. well we 'mormons' are going to hell because we feel the need to 'save' ourselves with our WORKS.

Perfect practice makes Perfect people! NOT!

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