Her first solid food.....well kind of solid



Jilly had her 4 month doctor's appointment today. She weighs in at 13 lbs. 4 oz. (45% of average 4 month olds) and is 25 inches long (80% of average four month olds). She is tall and thin.....not a bad way to be. :-)

So after her check up (and the shots - poor thing) the doctor said she was definitely ready for cereal. So we came home and gave it a try. She wrinkled her nose a lot and everything came out at least once before she figured out that she should swallow it. But she was (is) dang cute doing it!! So, now we have a new fixture in the dining room....the high chair. YEAH!!


Anna said…
Foul temptress! Posting cute pictures of a cute baby that I have yet to see in person!! I'm going crazy here!

She is so incredibly cute. Can't wait to see her in December.
Too Cute! Today it's cereal, tomorrow it'll be french fries. She's adorable.
Erica said…
ok so i dont have room for a high chair - what are we going to do about that one?? LOL
Everymom said…
It's been too long and I miss her like crazy!!

She grows up too fast.

She is so beautiful and happy.

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