Nanny Video to the Rescue!!

Who says kids shouldn't watch TV until they are 2??? Jilly loves the TV. My mom regularly has her watch Sesame Street. I had to get a few things done and she was demanding all of my attention (I know baby attention is tough [heavy sarcasm]). So I turned on Playhouse Disney and she is having a great time!! She is watching intently and kicking and laughing with them..every now and then she will even yell at the TV.

She did the same thing when we went and saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. She was awake the whole time and yelled at the movie screen. She loves the colors and the noise. It is soo fun to watch!!!


Andie said…
Does Nanny Video charge an hourly rate? If she does, I am in a buttload of debt!
How funny is that. My kids have loved the t.v. forever so I am guilty here too! She is so cute!!
Erica said…
she is the cutest ever! dont think of it as tv - just lots of action and energy for her to observe. :o)
Manda said…
How cute! Kordy loves TV know too. He's favorite seems to be Veggie Tales and Backyardagins, though he can sit through Spider man and Dora the Explorer!=)
There are some days I wouldn't be able to get anything done if it weren't for the tv. It might be some sort of child abuse. If so, I'd be guilty :o)

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