The funnest cleaning job EVER after the initial craziness that followed the statement of "Mom!! Danny's gum has been smashed into the carpet for over a week!!" I went online to find out the best way to remove it. I tried freezing it to no avail. I read about trying peanut butter. So I did. This was so much fun!! It was amazing to watch the gum literally disappear under my fingers. And then once the gum was gone, I washed the spot with a liquid dish detergent and water mix and the spot was perfectly clean. This was by far the most fun I have had cleaning a potential carpet disaster!! LOL


C D said…
I am glad that I have a SIL who enjoys making messes and cleaning them up. Seems to me that Danny has really been keeping you busy lately. (with the gum and the haircuts) Of course, I don't think that my children are any better about that. Love ya,
Anna said…
HA! This post totally made me laugh. But I can see the enjoyment of seeing something that might be IMPOSSIBLE to remove, totally disappear!
That is pretty cool.

Everymom said…
Peanut butter is absolutely amazing! One of my kids (I think Joel) wrote with a ball point pen on the vinyl seats of a friend's brand new suburban when he was about two. She was giving me and all my kids a ride up to Utah. I was mortified! I had packed peanut butter sandwiches for my kids and I'd heard about peanut butter as a solvent. I figured it was worth a try. I took the peanut butter from the sandwiches and rubbed it really hard into the ink marks. Nothing. I felt so terrible. Hours and hours later, I looked for the ink marks and they were totally gone! Cool stuff that peanut butter.

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