Crazy Weekends update

I have gotten a bit behind in my blogging so I thought I would take a quick minute and try and catch up.....

Last weekend (10/25):

The Young Women of our ward had a fund raiser taking family portraits. It was the first time that I could do a pink and blue picture without me being the only one in pink! So we did. I have not received the family pics back yet but once I do I will post them. But I had Greg take some pics of the kids and some with mom.

Immediately following the photo session, the boys played their first soccer game:

This past Friday was Halloween. I previously put up the annual pumpkin patch. YEAH!! The boys decided their costumes early - Hunter was Mutt Williams from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and Danny was Superman. Jilly used a costume from my friend Amber - so she was an adorable little lamb. We went to the ward trunk or treat and then came home and hit a few houses on our way to mom's. All in all it was a great time.


scrapmom4 said…
Yay pink! Sofia had ribbons in her ponytails today. I thought of you. :)
I can't wait to see the family photos! The ones of the kids and you and your mom are so cute! I love the costumes also!
Connie said…
Those pics are super cute! I love random family pics, they always turn out great. It was fun to hang out with you guys Saturday nite, we'll have to find another Rock Band soon & rock all nite long! :) I think I could handle the drums...maybe. ;)
Everymom said…
Cutest baby!!!!!

I miss her and she's growing up too fast.
Everymom said…
Hey wait! I wasn't through! She definitely has Jen's nose (Whew!) And she is absolutely the epitome of photogenic.
Saturday can't come soon enough!
(Do you!! think?!! I use!! too many!!! exclamation marks?!!!)

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