I have been watching a lot of movies lately that remind me of you. Extremely Close & Incredibly Loud and The Decendants. Neither of them were very good. I probably disliked them more because of how they made me feel, rather than whether they were a good movie or not. But I miss sharing them with you. I have been watching Dancing with the Stars for you. Allen still can't turn it on. It is an amazing year and you would have loved it! They gave out 10s by the third week. It is crazy - even good people are starting to go home. There has already been some serious injuries and falls. It is a great season to watch. Jilly bought a purse the other day. It matches your purse and she put Gracie in it. She misses you!! We both do. I just wish you were around to talk to and do stuff with.
Greg broke his leg last night. We were skating and he lost his balance and tried to correct it and did a crazy dislocation of his ankle. Whenever someone gets hurt at practice you take a knee so that the medic can get to the person who needs help. At first I didn't realize that it was him. It was so scary to see him laying on that floor. I was so scared that it was going to be something really bad. He was in pain, but never really let anyone know how bad it was. He is having surgery tomorrow to put a plate and some screws in. I wish you could come with me to sit with me. I hate having to sit alone while he is in surgery. I had to do that for his angiogram and I hated it. I know that was much more serious, but it still is no fun!! So come sit with me, ok? I know that you will be there with me.
I need to go to bed! Good night! I love and miss you tons!!


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