Thanks for the company

So last night when we talked and I knew you would come sit with me at the clinic today while Greg was in surgery, I never realized that you would actually send someone to do that. .. So I left Greg's bed side, completely emotional and freaking out (completely irrationally, of course) trying desperately not to fall apart as I walked downstairs to get something to eat. I get my food from the cafe and go to sit down. Every table has people sitting at them. As I tried to figure out where to eat, a woman motioned me to sit with her. She said, "I won't be here long". I sit down and we started talking. Her name was Pat and she lived in St. Louis Park. She came to the clinic for injections in her ankle for her arthritis. She was just having a cup of coffee before she left. We talked and talked - even about you. I learned about her children, her grand children and even her great grandchildren (one was born just last week). Finally I looked at the clock and realized that I should get back to the waiting room. We said our good byes and I headed back. I realized as I was walking that she was a gift for me. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I am so thankful that I didn't have to be alone, even if it was for a brief time. It was nice to have someone there with me. Afterwards I was more calm and more rational. Obviously, he came out of the surgery just fine. A plate and five screws on the outside of his ankle and two screws on the inside. I like when the surgeon says "nothing really exciting to report". I like uneventful surgeries. Now it is just on to the healing. He should be up walking within two weeks. Putting weight on it in about six weeks and hopefully back on skates within three months. I love Greg and am deathly afraid of losing him. I appreciate the comfort given to me today by a complete stranger that was sent from above.


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