My friend Jen came to AZ for Jileighan's blessing. They live in LA. She came with 3 of her 4 kids (her oldest, Christian, had a football game so he and her husband, Manny, stayed behind). While they were here we went to Goldfield, Canyon Lake, and then to Tortilla Flats. We had a great time!!

I love this picture of Greg, Jilly and I!

Jen and I at Canyon Lake

The Woolf Girls at Goldfield

Hunter, Hana and Carmen decided to take a ride (they are all such good actors!!)

All the kids (well....Jilly was in the stroller by us)

Fernando, Hana, Carmen and Hunter

I love my family!


Andie said…
There are lakes in Arizona? Who knew?
Anna said…
Best picture ever. With Hunter's eyes closed and Kendall's pensive look. I just really really miss you guys

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