CRAZY, crazy, CRAZY!!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

My world has been in an uproar for the last week! My mom was in the hospital and just returned home last night. It is amazing how different your perspective is after you have lost a parent. Both my sister and I were horribly afraid something would go terribly wrong and we would have lost both parents in a matter of months. This was not something I think I could have survived. I am glad to know that the Lord didn't think I needed that particular challenge at this time in my life.

I missed my Thankful Thursday - but don't think it was because I am not thankful. I will give you my top ten list now (in no particular order):

1. Modern Technology and Medicine
2. BUNCO!!!
3. Creativity - Thanks Mom Woolf for showing me how to make jewerly
4. Nap time
5. My sister - I am so greatful for the friendship we finally have.
6. Good friends
7. Dancing Queen
8. My calling as Webelos leader (crazy i know.....but it's fun!!)
9. Jilly - she is the sparkle in our family
10. The weather is finally cooling down!


scrapmom4 said…
I'm so glad your mom is home and doing better!
Andie said…
Sorry to hear about your mom, Jen. Call me.
Hope everything is getting better. Hope your mom is doing better. Take care.

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