Thankful Thursday

It is very sad when my blog just becomes Thankful Thursday and nothing in between. But this week has been crazy!!! I have rearranged the bedrooms (I am not sure the girls will be happy...but...) I haven't finished Breaking Dawn yet...but getting close. I have pictures and things from Labor Day and will post them later. Since I have to run to make dinner I thought I would make a quick post.

This week I am most thankful for:

1. Bug spray to kill the baby black widow spider infestation in the garage.
2. The ability to stay home and be MOM - I love you honey for allowing me this privilege. I know it is stressful and crazy at times but I am so grateful!
3. A vacuum that sucks all the dog hair in my carpet and on my furniture.
4. MUSIC! I am amazed how a song can take you places!
5. Good friends - Lunch with the girls at Bajios and also to my peeps: thanks for hanging out today at my house, I had a blast! Let's do it more often!!
6. A strong husband who has been helping me move furniture and hang pictures.
7. A wonderful family - I love ALL of my in-laws (especially my mother-in-law) and am grateful they are a part of my life!!
8. Bins for organization.
9. My new craft room...I will try VERY hard not to let it become a catch all - and to actually do crafts and scrap booking. (I will Andie, I will!)
10. I can now see the carpet in my bedroom - see I have been cleaning!!! :-)


scrapmom4 said…
I'm loving the Thankfuls! I have some of those very things on my list, too. Especially loving my in-laws. :)
Barbara said…
Thank you! I love you so much too. And that adorable new addition to our family.

--Love, Mom Woolf

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