Danny Lost his tooth

Danny lost his first tooth today!! We have been dealing with a bit of a "snaggletooth" (as my sister kept calling him) for quite a few days now. Every time I would touch it he would screamand cry. This morning he crawled into bed with me and when we were ready to get up he rolled over and said "hey - my tooth fell out". And that was it. He is excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight.

We were supposed to be in San Diego today for Brandee's wedding - I'm still soo sad we weren't able to go. Jilly and I were both diagnosed with pneumonia the other day. Blech!! I was more worried about her. When we went to the Urgent Care my mom went with us and they made them check me out also, and my nasty cough. I guess it is a good thing they did. I probably would have never gone in to be checked. So, since Greg had taken the day off we decided to put up the Christmas Tree.

After school, we are going to get the kids and go see Santa and then they can come home and decorate the tree. YEAH!! FUN!!


Anna said…
Booooo! Pneumonia! I am so sorry. Don't you usually have to be hospitalized for that? Geez I hope you feel better...


OH. And your Christmas Tree is muy excellente!

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