Scentsy Event 12/3/08 6-8pm Come & Go

Come and see the hottest new thing in candles. Come and smell the AWESOME Scents of Scentsy. Get some of your Christmas shopping done and shop while having fun with friends. SCENTSY IS SAFE for your home and family. No Wick, No Flame, No Soot, No Worries! You will LOVE Scentsy!

See you at the party and if you have any questions please call Jen at 520-723-2808 or 763-458-9177

Bring a friend receive a gift!

12/3/2008 6:00pm-8:00pm (COME & GO)

The Home of Cecily Du Pont
2826 East Morrison Ranch Parkway

If you can't come (or don't want to come - I know, I'm realistic)
Feel free to shop the catalog online and call me to place the order.

It's awesome!!!


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