My Danny is 6!!

My baby is 6!! I keep saying this and yet it doesn't seem very real. I am not sure where the time has gone. Yet SOOO much has changed since this time six years ago. Danny has always been a HUGE blessing in my life. He is the child that is most like me (I guess the one my mother wished on me many years ago). I just hope that as he grows his decision making abilities will be better than his mothers!

Danny proved from the very beginning that he wanted things his way. He turned transverse right before I was supposed to give birth and then when we were at the hospital for the C-Section he turned again and so I had him naturally. That was my first clue that he was going to potentially be a tad bit difficult. Not difficult really......just challenging. ;-)

I was given a blessing before he was born that said that he and I would have a very strong and special bond. I am sure that is because I understand him. The way he thinks just seems to make sense to me.

I told him this morning that I was so glad that he chose to born to me so that I could share his life with him and he could share his life with me. Course all I got was a little puzzled look and a "umm...ok". But it is so true! I love watching him and listening to him (especially when he doesn't know I am listening). He is so loving and always tries to be helpful. We were dropping my mom off at home the other night and he said "Grandma, I will hold your hand and walk you to the door since I know you don't see very well in the dark."

So on this the day of his birth (and most other days), I am proud to be his mom! I love you Danny!! Happy 6th Birthday!!

Danny at 6 months with Shaggy

Danny at 3 years with a random neighborhood cat.


Manda said…
aawwww!He is a cutie. I totally feel the same way with Koltin. Adam thinks he is my little clone!=) It fascinates him that I know exactely what he is thinking when he is thinking it!

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