Anna and Nate are here!! And We have no kids!!!

Yeah! Anna and Nate are here!! We picked them up at the airport last night. It has been much too long since we have seen them. I love the holidays! I love that family comes and visits. It is my favorite part of the season.

Also, we have no kids!!! The boys are in Minnesota with their dad and the girls are with Melissa. While we miss them (of course) it is quite enjoyable to not have the responsibilities. We can play at anytime of the night or day. We spent the whole day shopping. Since we are not celebrating Christmas until the boys return on Jan 1st, we are able to take advantage of the after Christmas sales to finish purchasing our presents.

Yesterday we saw 2 movies. First we saw "National Treasure 2". It was awesome! Greg thought #1 was better since it had more clues and puzzles to figure out. But this one had more character development. It was very good. The next movie we saw was "I Am Legend". The previews show that it is about a man who survives something that wipes out everyone else around him. They don't tell you that what wipes everyone out is a virus that turns them all into vampires. After about 10 minutes I wanted to leave. Greg was into the movie, so I just covered my eyes during the fighting parts. It wasn't a bad movie, but just know that you need to be ok with the idea of vampires!!


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