Our Visit to Santa

I have to begin by pointing out that I have been doing soo well on my blogging lately! (I say that and than I will stop!) Hopefully not. Maybe I can start staying on top of the laundry too - but maybe that will be too much to ask!! :-)

Well, we went to see Santa last night. Because this entire holiday season is out of sorts (again blaming the pregnancy) we ended up at Superstition Springs Mall. I am not a fan of mall Santas - unless we talk about the Mall of America Santa because he is the best Santa EVER!!!! But with the time constraints - now only having the girls on the weekends and the boys leaving on the 20th for Minnesota - we didn't have much choice.

We ended up standing in line for almost an hour. We first had dinner at Taco Bell which left two of the children with tummy troubles and lead to a few trips to the bathroom while waiting. Right as we got to the beginning, Danny had an accident. Poor thing! But that would be why he is kneeling on the floor and didn't get to sit on Santas lap. (I should get a good gift from Santa for preventing that!) So then we went to JCPenneys and Danny got new underwear and new pajamas.

I had big plans for family pictures today - but as Greg says "I'm [you're] pregnant". That means I can change our plans anytime. :-) I decided that we would do our family pictures tomorrow after church (that way I only have to get everyone dressed up once - see I am smart!!).

We'll see how that goes tomorrow!!


What a cute picture! How fun to get everyone together and go see Santa. You're one ahead of me, we haven't done that yet! Opps.

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