Scattergories - Greg

1. What is your name? Gregory
2. 4 letter word: Good
3. Vehicle: Gondola
4. City: Grand Rapids, Georgetown, Glendale, Gilbert
5. Boy Name: Geoff
6. Girl Name: Gwen
7. Alcoholic drink: Gin, Grogg
8. Occupation: Geologist, Gemologist, Geneticist
9. Something you wear: Gold (bling, bling), Grass Skirt, Girdle
10. Celebrity: Gisele Bundchen, George Clooney, Gwen Stephani, Gemma Ward
11. Food: Grapes, Gravy, Grapefruit, Goose
12. Something found in a bathroom: Gel
13. Reason for Being Late: Gas, Gout, Great-big-accident
14. Cartoon Character: Green Lantern, Gary the Snail (from spongebob squarepants)
15. Something you shout: Great Scott!
16. Animal: Gorilla,
17. Body part: Groin
18. Word to describe you: Genius


Jennifer Woolf said…
You had to show me up by posting more than one answer per question??? Always one to point out how much smarter you are. Brad was wrong...YOU the man!!!

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