Winter Sing

The kids had their Winter Sing tonight through school. It was sooo good!! The kindergartners stole the show!! (and not because I worked with them for the last 3 weeks). They were soo cute. I will have pictures and will load them on when I download them onto the laptop. Danny and the kindergartners sang Rudolph, Silent Night, and Nuttin' for Christmas. They were soo cute and did such a good job!! Hana and Hunter and the 2nd graders sang Jingle Bells - Arizona Style ("dashing through the sand..."), We Give Thanks, Sixty Million Snowflakes, and Celebrating Hanukkah. Madison and the 4th graders sang Chatter with the Angels, Go Tell It On The Mountain, A La Puerta Del Cielo, and Frosty Hand Jive. She was also supposed to join in the finale of The Manger Carol but her mother made them leave early (Madison was mad!!!). Regardless, it was a great show and I am very proud of all of our children!!

Afterwards we went to the Mesa Arizona Temple to see the Temple Lights. They are soo beautiful every year. The kids love to go into the Visitors Center and watch the movies. It was a good night and I am glad we were able to do this before the boys leave for Minnesota on Wednesday. We will miss them terribly!!


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