Sick, Sick, Sick

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

So...I have been sick all weekend. I have a cold - I's just a cold, but it has kicked my butt!!! I have been down for most of the weekend. I love my mom living soo close!! She came and took care of me. Today while Greg and Allen went to Stake Conference, mom came over, made me soup, watched movies and played cards. I have to admit - I enjoyed this more than I think I would have if I would have attended Stake Conference (Am I going straight to hell for that??)

But I have been up and running enough to do some decorating around my house. I have finally organized the book shelves in my entry way and hung some pictures. I got the boys' room painted Friday night (before the train hit me) and put up their Spider Man border. They had a blast hanging their own wall stickers. You can definitely tell by the height of where the stickers are placed which child placed them. :-)

Cecily and the kids came over tonight and hung out. It is fun having people come to our house. I love it!! Everyone is welcome - anytime!!!!

Well the grind starts all over tomorrow! But at least we only have 8 more days of school until Christmas break. I can't believe it is coming sooo soon! YEAH!!!!!!


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