Chore Language

I think I have developed a new language. I discovered it this morning while our children were supposed to do their chores. I have lovingly named it Chore Language.


1. Go start your chores : Stay sitting and doing exactly what you are doing now.
2. Get up and go : Move yourself to another place to sit and do nothing
3. You need to do your chores : Stare at me in awed wonder as if I have a booger hanging out of my nose.
4. NOW! GO! : Please lay on the floor and kick and scream

These are my top four. I am sure there are more but I must now go and deal with my "happy, cooperative, and well behaved children"


Andie said…
Oh, good. You and I are living out of the same lexicon!
HTF said…
Sadly, those all hit home perfectly! Thx for the chuckle!
Laura and Jimmy said…
:D so true.
Twylla Gibbens said…
I had that same discussion with my children 10min ago

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