We received a comment on our blog "Gerald Shepardson has passed away" reading:

Anonymous said...
I believe your father was the "Mr. Shepardson" that my siblings and I took piano lessons from fifty-some years ago. He was also a photographer, and took several pictures of our family in the early sixties. We have very fond memories of him! After six years of lessons under his guidance, I am now teaching piano myself, and earning money on the side using skills he fostered. My sister, brother and I extend our condolences to your family.

To whomever you are:

I wanted to say thank you for the kind words. It is amazing to hear about all of the lives my father touched. He was an amazing man!! I would love to know who you are. We probably even have some pictures of your family. We still have boxes of pictures to go through and my dad kept every picture he shot. If you read this and get a chance, please email me (Jennifer) at and let me know who you are.


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