She is perfect!

.: (You really should read this first!) :.

Well, we can officially say our little Jilly Bean is absolutely perfect! She went today and passed her hearing tests. Within the last few weeks we were sure there weren't any problems, as she responds when spoken to, but having the tests confirm it makes everything better. YEAH!!!

School started today!!!

The boys started at a new school today. We moved them to Benjamin Franklin Charter School Crismon Campus. It is about half the distance that Franklin South is and we are carpooling with a family in our ward. YEAH!!

They each said they had a good day. Danny was a bit reluctant to go. I ended up standing with him for the flag ceremony, but then he went with his class to start the day. After school when I picked them up Hunter gets into the car and says "I think I lost my friend magic. I only made one friend today. I would have made a ton more if I still had my magic!" Ha ha ha! You have to love Hunter and his logic!

I have pictures and I will post them, but the camera is currently in the car and since it is 10:30 and I am ready for bed I am not going to go get it now. Stay tuned.... :-)


Andie said…
I don't think this qualifies as a snide remark, but Yay for Jilly's ears! I'm glad everything turned out OK.

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