Newest Member of the Woolf Clan

I know, I am getting ambitious. Two posts in one day (and both from me....

We decided to get Riley a dog. Meet MAX. He is an 18 month old Shepherd/Beagle mix. I think that makes him a Sheagle or maybe a Beagerd. Hmmm.... Anyway. A woman in our ward was laid off from the airlines and was moving to Texas to live with a relative and couldn't bring Max with her. Riley spends his days tormenting Milo (our cat). This way Riley can have someone else to play with. They are fun to watch, but our mantra has become "GO OUTSIDE!!"

Danny is my animal kid. He loves any and all animals. He is thrilled to have a second dog. Maybe this will finally encourage Greg and I to get outside for some exercise every now and again....we'll see. :-)

Don't you wish it was actually legal to have a "Kid Cage"?? hee hee hee. Danny thought this would make a VERY funny picture!


Twylla Gibbens said…
I hope you don't mind, I blog hopped from Sarah. I love the picture of your son in a cage, hehe that would of been so useful today.
GeoWulf said…
I guess I didn't realize until now that Danny is getting so TALL!

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