Girls Nights...hee hee hee

So we started last weekend off with Bunco at Neely's house. For those of you who don't know what Bunco is a dice game (reminiscent of Yahtzee) with 12 players. It is 12 women from our ward who get together, eat good food, and scream A LOT!! I brought Jilly and I am sure that she didn't appreciate the yelling as much as we enjoyed doing it! Next month it is at my house. The Theme: BACK TO SCHOOL - you may need to start school shopping now! :-)

After the game (party) a few of us went to see the late showing of Momma Mia! We (Sarah, Twylla, Neely, Lesle, Greg, Jilly and myself) had a great time! The movie was really good. Our reviews are 3 great - 1 OK - 2 not soo great - 1 sleeping. After the movie the girls (Twylla and Sarah) decided to molest the Hulk. He looks like he was enjoying it!! LOL

On to Wednesday....... Sarah called and said she needed to go shopping for her Husband's birthday, as it was the next day. Happy Birthday Robert!! So, again, a group of us (Sarah, Leslie, Natalie, Nikki, and myself) all headed to get him a present and then we went for dessert. I love these girls and I had such a great time!!


Twylla Gibbens said…
So sad that I couldn't go with ya, but thanks for the presents:)
The Atkinson's said…
Heeeeee haaaaaaaaa!

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