Creepy Camera Guy and Milking Mormons

Ok.. So I started off my morning with a drive down to Tucson.
Today was the Scott Kelby's photowalk. It was a interesting event. It wasn't as 'exciting' as I thought it might be, but I guess you can't expect much from 50 random photographers getting together to kick off the release of a book (Many of whom hope to win a prize. Which I think is a book about Lightroom, a software package specifically designed for Photographers).

Anyway..... I ended up meeting a few cool photographers. One in particular was Cody Conrad. So we ended up lagging behind and getting some cool shots (I'll have to share later). When we finally met up with the rest of the group at the El Minuto Cafe (You know the one... on Cushing and Main) we met up with some interesting characters. One 'artist' was showing us an OLD SKOOL strobe (A Minolta strobe with guide numbers) and so I pulled out one of my own. Apparently this was license for him to tell us the whole life story of his artistic/creative journey. The other photographer was telling us about how he was transforming an old building, but it really surprised us when he said, "Yeah, I live in the Mormon milking barn", to which Cody replied, "Uhh.. now there is an interesting statement" and then I piped in for comic effect and said, "Yeah, I bet you didn't know that you can 'Milk a Mormon'!"

Well then it was on to the next event in Northeast Tucson. It turns out that although I kept calling like I was lost, I was on the right path and got there without wandering too much. Sunrise and Kolb is right up against the Mountain.

So I joined the Southern Arizona Image Factory as an 'invited' Videographer. Apparently none of the models (and their 'chaperones') were given a heads up that I was coming because when I got there and started shooting, I was soon confronted by a 'chaparone' and told that it was a PRIVATE EVENT. I replied with, "I know, I was invited". So once they 'checked with the coordinator' and I was cleared, most of the models gave me their perspectives on my initial entry into the event which basically equated to "creepy pervert with a camera". Of course, I really wasn't any different from the other "creepy guys with cameras" at the event, I had just been without introduction.

All in all, it was good times!

I got home to some lovely drama, but what's new! Most everyone will hear about that in subsequent posts, I'm sure!

Need to edit video now.. Update you later!


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