Pictures of the First Day of School

Well, I figure now that I am home with only one beastie to deal with (and she is soooo tough [heavy with sarcasm] )...there is no reason that I shouldn't be able to stay caught up with our blog and the exciting happenings at the Woolf house.

As I said before, the boys started school last Wednesday, August 6th. I am attaching the pictures so you can see how big they are getting. There are days that I am AMAZED...they are both growing so big and they are so handsome (again, here comes my biasedness).


scrapmom4 said…
They're all getting so big!
P.S. Another dog? You're so brave!
GeoWulf said…
Wow.. they are so big.. especially DANNY! What happened? That little boy is growing TALL!

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