Thankful Thursdays

I was reading through some other blogs and came across Thankful Thursday by my friend Audrey. So I thought I would blog steal (I hope you don't mind) cause I think I could use a bit more thankfullness.

My top 10 things I am thankful for on this Thankful Thursday

1. Craigs List
2. My husband's creativity with items obtained on #1
3. Stephanie Meyer (she is the Twilight Saga author - but I don't think my husband is very thankful for her)
4. BED TIME!! (mine and the kids)
5. Pinal County Animal Control
6. Humility to accept the one calling I never wanted
7. My husband's patience while I have been lost in Forks, Washington for the last week
8. Sleeping babies
9. Knowledge of the Gospel - especially when I think about my dad
10. Random moments when my children tell me they love me.


Andie said…
Ha ha, are you the RS president? What's with the animal shelter? Did you give away your pooch?
GeoWulf said…
Our children are capable of random expressions of love? **Sigh**

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