Jileighan and Kensington

Jilly has a friend named Kensington. Kensington is my friend Lisa's daughter. She is 7 weeks older than Jilly. It is fun to watch them grow. Obviously, our playdates don't consist of too much interaction between the two of them - but Lisa and I have a grand time. (btw - Lisa was also danny's kindergarten teacher and he LOVES her). We will get our girlies together once a month and will take pictures so we can see how they change.

This was August 12th. Jilly is 8 weeks old and Kensington is almost 4 months old.

This was from our first play date, right after Jilly was born. Jilly was one week and Kensington was 8 weeks. Again, their play date was not too thrilling for either one of them. LOL


scrapmom4 said…
I see some of Hana in that second picture of Jilly. Cute!
P.S. Love the "Chore Language." We speak it, too!

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